Food Industry Capacity and Skill Development Courses

Sector with Category Skill Development Course
Food Processing- All CategoriesAssistant Lab Technician – Food and Agricultural
Food Processing-BakeryBaking Technician
Food Processing-Milk Butter and Ghee Processing Operator
Food Processing-MilkCottage Cheese Maker
Food Processing-BakeryCraft Baker
Food Processing-All CategoriesFood Products Packaging Technician
Food Processing-All CategoriesFood Regulatory Affairs Manager
Food Processing- Fruits &VegetablesFruits and Vegetables Drying/ Dehydration
Food Processing-Fruits& VegetablesFruits and Vegetables Selection In-Charge
Food Processing-RTEJam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician
Food Processing-All CategoriesPacking Machine Worker ? Food Processing
Food Processing-RTEPickle Making Technician
Food Processing-All CategoriesProcessed Food Entrepreneur
Food Processing-All CategoriesPurchase Assistant – Food and Agricultural
Food Processing- All CategoriesQuality Assurance Manager
Food Processing- RTESquash and Juice Processing Technician
Food Processing-RTETraditional Snack and Savoury Maker
Food Processing-BeverageSoya beverage making technician
Food Processing-All CategoriesOffal Collector
Food Processing-SpicesSpice Processing Technician
Food Processing-All CategoriesFood Microbiologist
Food Processing-RTE/RTCConvenience Food Maker
Food Processing-All CategoriesMulti Skill Technician (Food Processing)
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